The low-down for VegTO Fest Exhibitors

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Big and small fries welcome.

At VegTO Fest, affordable exhibitor rates give the ideators, disruptors and change-makers a prominent platform. From big brands to the little guys there's a space at VegTO Fest for everyone.

what's the deal?

VegTO Fest is about food, and much more.

No food, no problem. You have a place here. With increased exhibitor variety, attendees are more likely to come with a larger group, stay longer, spend more…. and mark their calendars for the next year.

Seedling Exhibitor

Unlock success with our small-biz friendly package. Get the essentials you need and connect with thousands of attendees.


  • Tent (10 x 10 ft)
  • Table (6 x 3 ft)
  • Sampling encouraged!

Sprout Exhibitor

Upgrade your exhibit with electricity and marketing! Great for vendors looking to serve food.


  • Tent (10 x 10 ft)
  • 2 x Tables (6 x 3 ft)
  • Electrical Access
  • Marketing Services
  • Sampling encouraged!
  • Food service (by request)

Harvest Exhibitor

Get the largest space and high visibility with our largest exhibitor package. Upgrade to high power, refrigeration, onsite cooking and high level marketing.


  • Tent (10 x 20 ft)
  • 3 x Tables (6 x 3 ft)
  • High Level Electrical Access
  • Sampling encouraged!
  • Refrigeration
  • Onsite Cooking (By Request)
  • Bonus Marketing Services

exhibitor packages

A shot from veg fest, three white containers of delicious vegan take-out food fill the frame; waffles, samosas and fruit salad.

exhibitor faq

Can I add power to a Seedling exhibitor package?

No. This year we have streamlined our options to simplify production and associated costs. If you need power, please select our Sprout exhibitor package.

Is there a non-profit discount?

Email is at for details

Can I choose my spot?

Yes! Our Harvest exhibitors will have the option to select their booth space. For other exhibitor categories, we are offering exhibitor ‘zone’ selection on a first-come-first-served basis. Once you pay in full you will be able to pick your zone from the site map.

Can I sponsor VegTO Fest?

Yes! If you’re interested in sponsoring our event, email Sarah Fay, Event Manager at

Can I reserve my space and pay later?

Unfortunately no. We require payment in full via Paypal or credit card to secure your place.

Is this a vegan festival?

Yes! Everything you bring to the festival must be vegan, meaning free of all animal products including meat, eggs, dairy, honey, leather, wool, and anything else that comes from an animal. Failure to adhere to this rule may cause you to be removed from the festival.

Can I exhibit if I’m not an exclusively vegan business?

Yes you can! We just ask that you only bring vegan products, and do not bring signage that depicts any animal products to respect the attendees of the festival.

Do I need proof of insurance?

No, this year proof of insurance is not necessary as the festival is covered under VegTO’s insurance. However, we recommend having insurance for property loss or damage sustained, as VegTO is not responsible for any instances of those.

Are there any restrictions on marketing materials and/or tactics I can deploy during the event?

Yes. Nathan Phillips Square has restrictions related to on-site petitions, graphic imagery and political sentiment. VegTO Fest is classified as an event and not a rally. As such, we are required to submit all exhibitor marketing materials and messaging to the venue for pre-approval in advance of the event.

Can I cook food onsite at this event?

Yes - this option is available to our Harvest exhibitor package only. The Harvest exhibitor package offers exhibitors the opportunity to prepare and serve food onsite. It includes a double-sized tent space for cooking and serving, floor mats, extra power and space in our refrigeration unit. Sprout exhibitors are free to warm and serve food, but cooking will be prohibited. Seedling exhibitors will be able to sample pre-packaged foods.

Can I add refrigeration to a Seedling exhibitor package?

No. This year we have streamlined our options to simplify production and associated costs. If you need refrigeration, please select our Harvest exhibitor package. There will be limited refrigeration add-ons available for purchase with the Sprout package.

I have other questions not addressed here.

No problem! Contact us at or give us a call at 416-544-9800 and we’ll answer your question.