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People's arms, dressed in am array of colourful clothing, fill the frame as they put their hands in together in a pile for a team moment.

We are hiring for three, full-time positions to support the production of our signature event, VegTO Fest - North America's largest, free-to-attend vegan festival.

Successful candidates will begin in May on a rolling basis and will be employed full-time (35 hours/week) and all three positions will wrap up on September 10th, 2023.
Each role will be compensated at $19/hour. All positions are primarily remote, with some in-person office and site visits as needed.
You must be a young person under 30 and legally entitled to work in Canada to apply. 

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Summer job opportunities

VegTO Fest Event Management Assistant

This team member will help us adapt our festival to a new brand and new location in real time. They will support vendor management - including recruitment, communications, promotions and logistics. They will also support production, venue logistics and project management. If you are interested in full-scale Event Production, this is the role for you.

VegTO Fest Marketing and Stakeholder Relations Assistant

This team member will be responsible for successfully executing our digital marketing strategy, including content creation, scheduling and promotion of the event through social media and conventional channels. We have completely rebranded the event this year and this role will be essential in communicating the continuity and evolution of our Vegfest concept. This team member will also respond to and manage inquiries from the public, press, media, and other partners.

VegTO Fest Volunteer and Human Resources Assistant

This team member is our people person, supporting all aspects of our human resources, including volunteer role development, recruitment, training, scheduling, and onsite management during the event. We will need over 100 volunteers to make this event successful and you will help us find the right people with the right skill sets. You will also support VegTO’s presence at our event, including logistics and key volunteers at our booths and touch points as they share our organization and membership offering with the public.

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