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Vegan Meal Ideas for People Who Can’t (or just don’t want to) Cook

March 23, 2020

A lot of people have been talking about how the extra time at home in social isolation due to the Coronavirus has given them an opportunity to cook and bake. There has been no shortage of exchanges of recipes or online cooking classes going on.

But what if you truly don’t know how to cook, or you just plain hate it, and suddenly you are cut off from the world of vegan restaurants and coffee shops you usually frequent?

We’re here to help with some ideas for meals you can throw together right now without having to learn any new skills.


  • cereal with soy, almond, or oat milk
  • toast with peanut butter (or your favourite other nut or seed butter), topped with some sliced bananas and hemp seeds for extra nutrition
  • giant fruit salad: slice up oranges and apples and sprinkle with some nuts and/or seeds, and cinnamon
  • already flavoured instant oats can be bought so that all you need to do is add boiling water or, if you don’t even know how to use your kettle, there are usually instructions for microwaving too! Thaw some frozen berries and mix those in for added nutrition, and/or add in some peanut or other nut or seed butter.
  • smash up and spread avocado on a bagel, topped with some lemon juice, salt and maybe even some chili flakes if you’re feeling adventurous!

Lunch and Snacks

  • store bought hummus, pick up some pitas and/or veggies to dip in (don’t even want to cut up carrots? Buy a bag of baby carrots!)
  • celery and peanut butter (or your favourite nut or seed butter)
  • dip slices of apple into peanut butter for a more filling snack than just straight up fruit
  • pickle and margarine/butter sandwich: trust us on this one! Spread some Vegan Becel or Earth Balance onto bread, and top with sliced pickles. Voila! Instant sandwich that includes a vegetable!
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich, once again, we suggest adding some sliced banana so you get some produce!
  • you can also make a healthy sandwich by spreading hummus onto bread and topping with a pre-washed box of or bag of spring mix lettuce
  • Who says you can’t have a ham and cheese sandwich? Tofurkey and Yves both make great sandwich meat, and there’s tonnes of vegan cheese options. Add a half an avocado and some mustard if you’re feeling adventurous.
  • Some things are cliche for a reason! Mr. Noodles, Nongshim, and many other instant noodles have vegan flavours! Add some fresh mushrooms, frozen peas, or cubes of tofu with the boiling water for extra flavour.
  • sprinkle grapefruit with brown sugar or maple syrup
  • frozen edamame can be cooked in the microwave with water for 5 minutes. Top with salt and pepper and eat as a snack, or mix it into a big salad with nuts and seeds


  • cans of baked beans on toast. The Heinz basic tomato, and maple flavoured ones are vegan. Make sure you read the label on the front carefully and don’t accidentally pick up one with pork! Simply open the can, heat the beans in the microwave and put on top of toast for a hearty meal.  If you’d like, you can season it with pepper, or Sriracha sauce, and add a sprinkle of nutritional yeast.
  • tacos: pick up some tortillas, a can of refried beans (again, read the label to make sure you’re picking up a vegan one but most in the regular grocery store should be), a jar of salsa, and some lettuce. Heat the beans in the microwave, then roll it all up into a couple of tortillas!
  • quick stir fry: you don’t need to be a chef to make a stir fry! Pick up a couple bags of frozen mixed vegetables that have things like cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. Pick up a jar of a stir fry or curry sauce (you’ll find plenty of vegan ones, just read the labels, check for ones with no fish sauce!). Grab a bag of instant rice you can make in the microwave.
  • southwest bowl: do the same as the stir fry, but swap the cauliflower/broccoli mix with frozen corn and peas, and use BBQ sauce and hot sauce for your flavouring.
  • quick homemade pizza: Top pitas with canned pizza sauce, Daiya cheese shreds, and jarred or canned olives and mushrooms. Bonus if you can get your hands on some Yves veggie pepperoni! Pop it in your toaster oven or oven, just make sure to set a timer so it doesn’t burn.
  • Have a look at the vegan meats available at your supermarket! Sausages and hot dogs can be easily warmed in a frying pan sprayed with oil. Brown on all sides, stick it in a bun–done! Most shops will also have a good variety of Gardin or other brand chick’n that can easily be heated and served. Make sure to get your veggies! Top hot dogs or sausages with jarred saurekraut and veggie burgers with more that spring mix lettuce you should have on hand!

Missing any ingredients?  Here are a few grocery stores that offer delivery, and some of them do full out meal delivery too!

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